Does Your Home Need Retrofitting?

If the UK is to hit its zero carbon targets by 2030 and 2050, it’s important that our existing building stock is made more energy efficient – and your home may well be wasting energy in certain places without you even knowing it, which will also help to increase your energy bills as a result.

Retrofitting your property can make a huge difference to the amount of heat lost through the doors, windows and roof, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler during the summer months.

Take a look at your windows, as it may well be that you can have draught strips fitted if you’ve felt cold air coming through recently. Or it may be that you need to have double glazing installed, if you don’t already have this.

Recent analysis of Energy Performance Certificates by the BBC found that almost two-thirds of homes around the UK aren’t meeting long-term energy efficiency targets, with over 12 million properties falling below the C grade.

These certificates measure how efficient a house is by seeing how well it’s glazed and insulated, or if it has taken other steps to help drive down energy usage. The closer to the A grade a property, the more efficient it is – which means reduced energy bills and carbon footprints.

Double glazing can prove very beneficial indeed, with the Energy Saving Trust explaining that if a detached house installed double glazing throughout, annual savings of between £115 and £120 would be seen.

If you need any help with double glazing in Gosport, get in touch with us here at Smart Home Improvement People.

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