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The price of Boiler installations vary dramatically why is this?

Costs for a new boiler can range from £1,600-£3,500 for a combination boiler and £1,400-£2,500 for heating only and £1,500-£2,800 for a system boiler.

What different boiler systems are there?

1 Stand-alone boiler systems

There is a high demand for this particular boiler system, it will provide you with heating and there will be a separate water cylinder to provide you with hot water. These can cost you anything between £600-£850 for a basic model, £800-£1,100 for a standard model and £900-£2,000 for prestige quality.

 2 Combination boiler systems

A Combination boiler provides you with both heating and hot water and does not require a water tank. These can cost between £900-£1,200 for a basic model, £1,200-£1,500 for a standard model and £1,500-£3,000

3 Replacement of Standard boiler for a Combination boiler

Replacing a standard boiler with a Combination system varies dramatically in cost as there may be structural work required to move the boiler from its present position in addition existing pipework may need removing, encompassed with removal of the water tank. Therefore it is difficult to estimate a price.

Safety is Paramount

Having a boiler that works efficiently does not only save money on energy bills it also Keeps your family safe. An inefficient boiler can produce carbon monoxide causing carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.

We often don’t consider replacing our boiler as it doesn’t seem like a necessity however it provides great benefits  as well as those stated above ensuring that homes are less damp and less likely to deteriorate

Online Quotes

We do not provide online quotes. At Smart Home Improvement People we provide a bespoke service. Safety is paramount to our company and we ensure that boilers are fitted to the required standards. By the companies we work with and you should always use a registered installer. It is important that the heating system is fitted to your specific needs within your households.

Online prices do not reflect the true cost of a heating system or boiler installation. They do not take into account the condition of the current system or its removal if necessary. The size and dimensions of the property and the specific requirements of the customer.

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Written By Lorna Hart

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