How To Make The Most Of Your Conservatory

With all of us on lockdown in the UK at the moment, there’s never been a better time to look at how you can make better use of the space you have in your home.

If you’ve been thinking of investing in new conservatories in Hampshire, or upgrading your existing conservatory, make sure you also consider how you could make best use of this additional space in your home.

The Romford Recorder recently offered some suggestions as to how you can ensure you get the most use out of your conservatory.

For example, families with young children may want to look at using their conservatory as a light and airy playroom. It could be the perfect place to give your youngsters some space of their own without your living room getting cluttered with all of their toys.

Alternatively, and depending on the location of your conservatory, you could decorate it to allow it to provide additional living space that seamlessly blends with your existing living room. The news provider suggested fitting a perimeter pelmet, which is a type of ceiling trim that can make the room appear larger.

With summer just around the corner, a conservatory can also be the perfect way to blend indoor and outdoor living. If you have a bifold door on one side of your conservatory you can open the space up to the garden once the weather warms up enough.

If you want to make sure there’s plenty of colour in your garden come summer, you could consider planting some of the summer bulbs recommended recently by the Reading Chronicle.

The newspaper noted that bulbs such as the summer hyacinth, foxtail lilies and the pineapple flower not only bring a burst of vibrancy to your flowerbeds, but are all also ideal to plant during the spring.

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