September Is National Home Improvement Month!

What better time to consider doing some renovation work on your property than National Home Improvement Month. Which takes place each year. This time being held over the month of September thanks to delays relating to the global pandemic.

In 2019, more than 17 million people around the UK were inspired to make changes to their houses. To help them fall even more deeply in love with the home they live in… and this year, that could be you, as well!

Research carried out for the national home improvement month  campaign shows that the kitchen is the most popular place to #MakeOneChange. So if you’re wondering where to begin, this could certainly be an excellent place to start. Or what about the bedroom or living room, two other very popular places to renovate?

If you’re keen to add value to your home, doing up the kitchen or bathroom can yield very positive returns on investment. Especially if you’re planning on selling up and moving on in the near future.

But you may want to start off small and build up to a bigger project like that. So take a good look around the house to see what needs to be done. Once you’ve identified some problem areas. Make sure you sit down and plan properly so you know you have enough time to start and finish the job.

Apparently, 41 per cent of items on the to-do list never actually get done. So only start something if you know you’ll be able to finish it!

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