uPVC Front Door

Why consider uPVC doors?

The use of uPVC, also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, doors is on the rise. An increasing number of businesses are inclined to sell only uPVC doors rather than offer multiple options that only confuse buyers.

But why? What is about uPVC doors that make them a better option than, say, wood or metal doors?

Let’s find out!

But first, what is uPVC anyway?

Before we dive into the laundry list of benefits of installing a uPVC door, let us take a look at what uPVC really is.

You must have heard of PVC (short for Polyvinyl Chloride). Which is often used in pipes and products that have to be softer and more flexible (e.g., bottles and non-food packaging). This softness and flexibility are courtesy of plasticisers (the most widely used being phthalates) used in the production of PVC.

On the other hand, uPVC is unplasticised and therefore, more rigid. This rigidity is the reason why uPVC makes the best material for external doors and windows.

Advantages of using uPVC doors   

Now that we know what uPVC is, let us look at some of the benefits of uPVC door:

They are more durable.

As mentioned above, external doors made from uPVC are incredibly durable. On the one hand, wooden doors can warp and rot with moisture, and may not even be able to withstand harsh winters and summers. On the other hand, uPVC is practically unaffected by even the most brutal of temperatures,. Which is why a uPVC door can stay in near perfect condition even after years of use.

They are more efficient. 

As the outside heat and cold cannot penetrate uPVC door, they are pretty good at insulating the interior and helping the living spaces at a comfortable temperature, no matter if it is cold or hot outside. And because the heating and air conditioning cannot escape the interior space either, your heating and cooling bills are automatically reduced. This also means a smaller carbon footprint, thereby, a cleaner environment.

They improve security

The ultimate motive of all external doors is to provide security and a uPVC door are simply better at it. uPVC frames are strong enough to not let anyone break into your house, providing better safety. On the other hand, wood frames are easy to break, which is why their fame in the industry is waning.

uPVC Doors are more affordable.

Because of the lower costs of producing uPVC, external doors made from uPVC are pretty affordable too. Their affordability is one of the main reasons behind their rising popularity. On the other hand, wood and metal doors can be more expensive due to the pricey raw material.

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