Will Covid-19 Affect Our Home Design Choices?

According to one news provider, the answer to that question is likely to be yes. Real Simple recently picked out what it believes will be the top home design trends following the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the top features that is likely to come back into favour is the humble porch. These spaces are often left off modern homes, but there could be an increase in demand for oak porches in Hampshire and elsewhere after life starts to return to normal.

The news provider explained that the pandemic has made coming home from an excursion into “an involved process”. It noted that a porch “provides the ideal spot to remove shoes, hang up jackets and slather on sanitiser before stepping inside”.

There could also be an increase in demand for materials like copper, brass and bronze because these metals have antimicrobial properties.

As a result, any door knobs, cabinet handles or other fixtures made from one of these metals will “help destroy germs and bacteria” even if you’re not constantly cleaning them.

Of course, hygiene and cleanliness is going to be a top priority for many people, which is why the news provider is also predicting that no-touch taps will grow in popularity. We recently shared the home design and renovation trends as identified by Rated People.

The website found that sustainability and eco-friendliness are among the themes at the top of the agenda for many homeowners in the UK. According to the survey, twice as many people are exploring green home improvements this year compared to in 2019.

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